The Corona Virus has hit the world pretty hard, and I’ve been feeling pretty bad that I’m not really suffering. My life hasn’t actually changed that much. I’m pretty solitary by nature, sitting in my Manhattan apartment every day with my cat, typing away on my fluffy, smexy novels, you know? The only difference is that now my spouse is sitting at the table, typing away and doing his job remotely as well.

I don’t have to go out every day to wait tables or teach a class; nor do I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to scrub in to a surgery to save lives or anything like that. My life is actually pretty great. And my husband and I are so, so lucky that his job can be 100 percent accomplished from home with no interruption whatsoever. It’s pretty ridiculous that we live in what is now the epicenter of this unholy mess and our lives can keep rolling right along with hardly a blip, except that my favorite hummus is sometimes unavailable at the grocery store.

So I wanted to do something to help. But I don’t have masks, or a hidden cache of sanitizer, or toilet paper, or anything. I have no skills to offer, no life saving knowledge. Other than sticking a Post-it next to the elevator offering to run errands for the senior citizens on my floor, I’m kinda useless. All I have to contribute are my books.
Therefore, I present to you my new project, Staying Home With Tani:
All you have to do is follow me on Insta or Twitter, pick which of my books or series you’d like to read, and post the cover with the hashtag #stayinghomewithtani. That’s it! I’ll DM or PM you the link to the book, and you can remain safely indoors, socially distancing yourself and all that, and read to your heart’s content. There are over twenty to choose from all fluffy, full of angst, tears, torment, misunderstandings, and yes, hot, steamy, sex, yours for the asking. You don’t have to know me or interact with me to request a book, you just have to follow me and post a book cover with the hashtag. Please spread the word, I welcome all comers. 
Please know in advance that none of my books are Pulitzer contenders, and please know that I’m aware of this. You don’t have to come at me and remind me of this fact. Escapism is all I want to offer, a chance to forget about what an effed up mess is outside our doors for just a little while.
Things to know: My books are pretty explicit. All of them, even the paranormal one. All are HEA (happily ever after), though the serials might not be until the last book. Any book available as a series is available as an anthology. So if you want to read the Flower Series, be sure to ask for the Flower Series Anthology, don’t just ask for Pete & Daisy, which is the first book, otherwise you’re cheating yourself out of the other three books. So check whether or not your book is a singleton before you request it, lest you miss out!
That’s about it, I guess. Please stay safe, all of you.