Peppermint Silk

Peppermint Silk

A Reverse Harem Romance

Get an exclusive backstage pass to all the drama you’d expect from New York City’s hottest band on the verge of making it big.

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Momoko McDaniels

The Sassy Singer

She wandered in off the street to audition as lead singer for the band, not thinking what would happen if she actually got the gig. She’s a curvy, pint-sized ball of energy who can belt out the tunes and makes everyone laugh.

Peppermint Silk

New York’s Hottest New Band

This is the story of Peppermint Silk, a New York band on the verge of making it big. When their lead singer suddenly decamps in favor of another band, they need a new singer, pronto. When Momoko shows up, she’s the answer to their dreams, in every sense of the word.

Sullivan Palmer

The Blue Blood Guitarist

Tall and blond, confident and talented, he was smitten with Momoko the moment she walked in, as were all the guys. 

Dane Chen

The Dreamy Pianist

Soft spoken and writer of most of the band’s songs, he watched Momoko from behind the keyboard, loving everything about her.

Jude Morrison

The English Bassist

Wry, funny and sarcastic, he was the first to realize what kind of problems would arise with beautiful Momoko in their midst.

Tommy Ruiz

The Outgoing Drummer

From his perch at his drum kit, he was free to watch Momoko sing her heart out in front of him and fall more and more in love with her.

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