Face the Stage

Face the Stage

A Plus Size BBW and Enemies to Lovers Romance

Penny can’t stand her new co-star, but the stage has a way of melting even the hardest hearts.

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The Serious Actress

Penny is a trained actress whose lack of beauty never mattered to her. She’s poised to become Broadway’s Next Big Thing, a big girl with a big future ahead of her. She’d never be mistaken for a model, and that’s just fine with her.


The Playboy Prince

Cam is a prince in name only; his family never had money, and he became a model to pay the bills after his parents died. He loves theatre, and is looking forward to being taken seriously as an actor. He’s more than a pretty face, and can’t wait for everyone to know it.


The Exalted Thespian

Frederick (never Fred) is Broadway royalty, an icon of the Great White Way, revered by all who know him. He won’t stand for being replaced by a model nobody from across the pond, a pretty face with no experience. And when he finds out that his ex and this upstart are actually becoming friends, well, it really hits the fan.


The Best Friend

YoYo never liked Frederick, and never liked Frederick and Penny together. She’s relieved that they’re no longer together, but worried about what he might do, now that his life is falling apart. Turns out she was right to worry.

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