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Finding His Touch

How can a woman afraid to be touched find a way to let a man into her world?

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Sumire Kotani

The Shy Linguist

She’s petite and half Japanese, a doe-eyed sprite with dark secrets that keep her from engaging with the world. Smart and acerbic of wit, she’s learned how to keep herself safe, until she meets Nick Pensieri, who figures out how to breach her defenses.

Nick Pensieri

The Charming Playboy

A dashing, handsome model turned actor from Brooklyn, he’s street smart, charming, and always knows how to get what he wants. He’s never met a woman he couldn’t get until he meets Sumire, whom he pretty much hates on sight, but who kinda drives him crazy, in a good way.

Darcy Pensieri

The Opinionated Sister

Nick’s beautiful sister, a student at NYU, who sees how things are between Nick and Sumire as soon as she meets them. She wants desperately to help them, but how do you help people who don’t even know they need it?

Mrs. Nishimura

The Kindly Landlady

Sumire’s sweet old landlady. She’s always helped Sumire, though Sumire thinks it’s the other way around. She’s avidly curious about the new young man in her life, but she’s too polite to ask. Who is he, and what could he possibly want with her Sumire?

Mrs. Dawson

The Watchful Mother

Sumire’s mother, who married Sumire’s father, became a widow, then married her stepfather, and thought she’d get everything she ever wanted.

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