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Her Own Private Celebrity

A Standalone Young Adult Romance

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When she won a contest for a lunch with her idol, she had no idea she’d end up in a wild, secret fling that would shake her to the core.

Jane Bennett Carroway

The Skinny Blonde

Poor Jane has had to deal with being named after the beautiful Bennett sister from Pride & Prejudice her whole life, though she thinks of herself as anything but. When she gets the chance to meet Charlie McAllister, formerly of the boyband The Jacks, as her best friends plus one at a lunch, she goes, expecting to be ignored, as she usually is. But sparks fly, and soon Jane is involved in a clandestine romance with Charlie, who is her first kiss, her first love, her first everything. And tragedy soon finds Jane, threatening to destroy everything wonderful in her fragile life.

Charlie McAllister

The Smooth Actor

Charlie became very successful at a very young age, first as a singer, now as an actor. He meets pale, wispy Jane, one of the shyest, yet smartest, most fun people he’s ever known, and suddenly life, which had been tiresome and boring, is shiny and new again. He’s drawn to her as he’s never been to any other; he loves kissing her, holding her, being with her in every way. But the ugly side of his fame hurts her in a way he never considered, ripping her life apart and ruining the very innocence and purity that he loves so much about her.

Barrett “Bear” Carroway

The Protective Brother

Bear is younger, but bigger, than Jane, and has spent his life looking out for her. He loves her unconditionally, and will do anything for her, including put his popularity on the line. Or fight someone.

Camilla Parks

The Beautiful and Popular Best Friend

It would just figure that pale, thin, unnoticeable Jane would have someone gorgeous and dynamic like Cam as her best friend. And of course Cam would win a contest to have lunch with Charlie McAllister, and be so nice that she’d take Jane along. But how will nice, perfect Cam react when she finds out Jane has been keeping her relationship with Charlie McAllister a secret from her?

Reader Reviews

“I think this is a brilliant story for any teenager looking to escape into a world with just a little steam.”

“It’s sexy but sweet – a perfect combination considering Jane’s status as a teenager.”

“I recommend this to anyone that likes their romances to be realistic and relatable.”

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