Farraway Mist

Farraway Mist

A Haunted Love Story

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Fans of Manderley should visit Farraway Mist, and discover for themselves why this book has been called a “modern spin on DeMaurier’s classic Rebecca.”

Clarissa “Scout” Lawson

The Plucky Heroine

Scout is a librarian fleeing an unhappy love affair in Connecticut, and she runs all the way to Cornwall, where she meets handsome, scary George Wilder, master of Farraway Mist, the lonely house that sits on the coast all by itself. And though another love affair is the last thing on her mind, sparks fly immediately between her and George, and soon the strange happenings in the house aren’t the only reason her heart is racing.

George Wilder

The Taciturn Host

George is a widow who still mourns his dead wife when Scout arrives to put his library in shape. He spends his days gazing broodingly into the fire, though Scout doesn’t realize he’s also brooding about her nice hips and pretty smile. George doesn’t know how much danger he’s in while he remains at Farraway Mist. He also doesn’t realize that, as he falls deeper in love with Scout, he’s putting her in more and more danger as well.

Sunil Patel

The Boy from the Village

He’s young, and not really trained, but he’s energetic and willing. He and his friend Alfred come out to Farraway Mist to do odd jobs for George and Scout, and are therefore on hand to see the strange goings on front and center, so to speak. That he loves Scout with all his heart and would do anything for her goes without saying.

Alfred Johanson

The Other Boy from the Village

Sunil’s best friend, they’ve been inseparable since childhood; this redheaded teen is very worried by the weird things that are happening at Farraway Mist, and how they seem to center around his beloved Miss Scout. He and Sunil would be so much happier if Mr. Wilder would just take her away somewhere safe, even though they would miss her, and Mr. Wilder, terribly, of course.

Jess and Bandit

The Intrepid Canine Companions

Jess is a shepherd mix, and Bandit is a border collie, and they love first George, and later Scout, with all their doggy hearts. They know something bad is happening at the bleak and lonely Farraway Mist, with its lonely golf links and rugged seashore cliffs, but they can’t do anything but provide companionship and bark warnings to their humans.

Reader Reviews

Reader Reviews

“…deeply moving, and hugely tense…” “…an adorable paranormal romance.”

“Captivating, sophisticated, and impeccable.” “…loads of personality…”

“…a wonderful mix of suspense and steam!”

“Wonderful read. Great book to curl up with a cup of tea on a rainy day. It whisks you to a place where you meet rock stars, old vintage books and something that goes bump in the night.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for anyone who is looking for a great romance with a paranormal twist.”

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