Sexy Swimmers Duet


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The swoon-worthy ‘Sexy Swimmers’ Duet is now available on Amazon in a new
Dreamy Double-Shot

Jack LaGuardia

Resident Swim Hunk

He’s a naive ranked college swimmer with a body to die for, and none of the usual jock baggage, but his inexperience gets in the way when a steamy romance is dropped into the middle of his life with a splash.

Kelsey Carlisle

Bitchy Supermodel

If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of petulant beauty queen, you would find a picture of Kelsey. She’s gorgeous and used to getting her own way, always. Won’t she be surprised when she hires Jack to teach her to swim for a part in a movie and she finds out that not everyone is affected by her pretty face.

Marian Lowell

The quintessential Olympic champion, Marian comes to the City of Angels to watch them make a movie about her life. She likes Kelsey a little, but she likes Jack a lot, and this could be trouble for our happy couple.

Mimi Kakutani

Kelsey’s best friend, who sees everything, and is usually on hand with a tissue or ice cream, to help Kelsey through the ups and downs of her life. She almost always knows the right thing to do, too, not that Kelsey listens to her.

Phoenix McTaggart

An old acquaintance from Kelsey’s past who shows up at a convenient time in her life, or inconvenient, depending on how you look at it. He’s a model and activist, who understands her life, who believes in not polluting the earth, but not necessarily in not polluting your body.

Zach Hall

A giant, redheaded bear of a guy with a beard to match, he is a teammate of Jack’s, an experienced swimmer who’s full of sage advice on life. Some of it is good, and some of it is really, really bad.

Sexy Swimmers

Not sure if a steamy sports romance about competitive swimming is for you?

(How is that possible?!)

Dive in to the duet with the first book, GLIDE, to get your feet wet.

If it’s your thing, you can read the thrilling conclusion, STROKE.

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