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Rock & Roses

When a tired rock star meets a larger than life gardener, there’s more going on than strolls among the roses.

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Chiara Cavuto

The Lonely Gardener

Chiara likes to spend her days pruning, fertilizing, planting, and making things grow. She has no use for most people, especially the rich people who are buying up the estates where she works and tearing out her work to put in swimming pools and tennis courts. She’s a bit tubby, but doesn’t care—who’s she trying to impress, after all?

Drew Pennington

The Exhausted Rock & Roller

Drew has lived a lifetime in his 23 years on earth. The constant touring, the women, the drugs, all of excesses of that life have made him tired. He decides to buy himself a house in the country so he can retreat from it all, not knowing that he’s going to meet a gardener with a tart tongue who turns his world upside down.

Ned Hunter

The Kindhearted Drummer

How Ned has managed to keep his heart so pure after all these years in a rock band is a mystery. He has, though, and he is immediately taken with the gardener of Drew’s estate, a girl that Drew himself, for some reason, can’t stand. This is just fine with Ned; if Drew doesn’t want her, maybe Ned does!

Noah Pennington

The Naive Younger Brother

As Drew’s baby brother, Noah has been given all the opportunities Drew himself never had. He’s headed for Cambridge, and possibly Parliament, or even the United Nations, poised to make the most of life. He has no idea how fraught his life is going to become.

LeeAnne Marcum

The Gold Digging Groupie

When LeeAnne get pregnant with band member Gary’s baby, she thought her life was going to become amazing. Life with a baby, however, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Gary isn’t nearly rich enough to satisfy her. She sees in his bandmates, however, a chance to trade up in a big way, and she’s going to.

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