U.K. Crush: The Complete Anthology

Four guys, one girl, and Rock & Roll.

The Complete Anthology version contains all seven books in the U.K. Crush series.

Aileen Foster's whole life changed when she lucked into a job as a translator for the boy band U.K. Crush while they were filming a movie in Japan. She met the boys in the band and became friends with all of them: Welshman Gethin Wren, who has a temper as fiery as his red hair; Ronan Donahue, the funny, blond Irishman; Matthew Campbell, the exotically beautiful Scotsman; and Theodore Shelley, the emotional Englishman who ultimately steals her heart.

Follow Tinker Bell, as she's known to the boys, through seven tumultuous years of her life as she grows to love the boys and be loved by them. She has to learn to deal with things that she never thought she would, and be braver than she ever knew she'd have to be. Her life is filled with more ups and downs than she ever imagined it could be, and her strength, and the strength of those who love her, is tested to its limits.

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Series: UK Crush
Genres: New Adult, Young Adult
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 1983199788
List Price: 24.99
eBook Price: 9.99
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