U.K. Crush Ultimate

U.K. Crush

Four guys,
one girl,
and Rock & Roll

Join the U.K’s hottest boy band and the girl who captured their hearts over a seven book tempest of emotions culminating in the happiest of ever afters.

Aileen “Tinker Bell”  Foster

A shy firecracker in a tiny package, Tink’s knowledge of the language and culture of Japan helps her luck into a job as  translator for mega-hit maker boyband U.K. Crush. She is a half-Japanese orphan who grew up in near isolation from her peers, a lonely life that focused only on classical piano and swimming, which has made her very good at those two things, but not very good at anything else, including getting along with others, or expressing her feelings for them when she starts to have them, especially for a particular member of the band.

Theo Shelley

The Cynical Englishman

If womanizing were an Olympic sport, our Theo would have easily made the team, as one of his band mates said at one point. Brown hair, smokey gray eyes, Englishman Theo is swoon worthy and knows it. His problem isn’t attracting the the ladies, but rather getting them to go away after, since he’s always held his heart carefully away from harm’s way. What will he do when he finally does begin to care for someone, someone who may or may not like him back?

Gethin Wren

The Hot-headed Welshman

Our resident Welshman is a green-eyed redhead, a tall lad who excels at football (soccer, to Americans) and is fiery tempered, to boot. He cares passionately about his friends, and is always there to defend them, physically, if necessary. He doesn’t fall for women very often, but when he falls, he falls hard, unfortunately, and sometimes, his choices can overlap with those of people he cares for very deeply.

Matthew Campbell

The Dreamy Scotsman

Matty is from Scotland, and having a mother from Mozambique has given him blue eyes and brown, curly hair, a combination that makes him devastatingly handsome. He’s the dreamy, sweet natured one, gentle and kind-hearted to everyone, but as likely as anyone to fall in love with a sweet girl who comes into his orbit.

Ronan Donahue

The Fun-loving Irishman

The jokester with the white blond hair and the soft brown eyes, Ronan has an exuberant laugh and is always up for a joke or a bit of fun. He’s not the youngest member of U.K. Crush, but is the youngest at heart, which has never been a problem, since the other boys have always looked out for him and kept him and his heart safe from harm.

The U.K. Crush Anthology includes all seven books in the series


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