Another Slice of Cake

Another Slice of Cake

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More Than Cake

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Meadow Rain “MJ” Jassemolada

The Big Girl

MJ has heard every name in the book. She’s been the tallest, the largest, the loudest girl in her class since Kindergarten, and she’s hated every minute of it. She has feelings like any other girl, and of course she has a massive crush on heartthrob singer Heath Spencer when she gets a job as a PA on his tour, but she could never act on it. Finding out he might have a crush on her, too, is a crazy thing to know, and it changes MJ’s life, sending her down a path of self discovery, of realizing that some men find women who don’t look like stick bugs very sexy and desirable.

Heath Spencer

The Teen Heartthrob

Heath, formerly of the boyband The Jacks, is just beautiful, a singer who has somehow managed to remain relatively unchanged and uncynical despite years in a business that chews people up and destroys their souls. He’s very taken by MJ the moment he sees her, and his feelings, both physical and emotional, only grow as he gets to know her. The only things standing in his way are Meredith Renner, his ex, who is also a singer who happens to be on tour with him, and MJ herself, who is so worried about being too big and too sweaty that she’s afraid to let Heath touch her.

Carissa Dunhill

The Opportunist

A real stunner who can play the piano, Carissa has her eye on more than tickling the ivories. Heath is the prize she’s set her eye on, and nothing’s going to stop her, certainly not gentle, kind MJ. Wife or no wife, Carissa wants Heath, and what Carissa wants, Carissa usually gets.

Archie Spencer

The Adorable Brother

Archie looks so much like Heath it’s astonishing. He’s younger, and skinnier, but just as charming, if a little more loquacious, and a bit more clumsy. A big-hearted, animal loving version of Heath, he’s always there in a pinch for moral support, or just to make a person laugh.

Orion Nzolo

The Nice Guy

Orion is a charismatic bass player who originally comes from Gabon, by way of Brooklyn. He’s a nice man who doesn’t like to see people suffering. MJ is suffering, and how can he resist a beautiful woman in pain? He should try to help her, in any way he can, right?

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