The Home of the Romance Author Tani Hanes

So, my very own website! The idea was to have a central location, “one stop shopping”, if you will, for all things me, which sounds kinda egotistical. And I suppose it is, but then, writing stuff and expecting people to pay to read it is egotistical, too, so there you go. I know that this website is supposed to be very easy to manage, or run, or maintain, or whatever the correct verb is; however, I’m a Luddite (anyone who knows anything about me knows that, or ought to), and I must admit that I’m not even sure I’m writing this in the right place. So yeah.

I’m daunted by all of the buttons down the side, along with all the little “areas” I’m supposed to fill in; my rocky smart spouse explained the basics to me, but all I remember is that the word “admin” has to be in something I type to get here. Wherever here is.

I’ve written seven books (SEVEN, SEPT, SEBEN, SETTE, SIETE, NANA, and that’s all the languages I know :o), though five are in word vomit form still. Two are out in the world, the second (Diving Deep) in multiple places: The cold, deep ocean of Amazon, along with the one chapter at a time format in the warm, friendly welcoming baths of Wattpad and Tumblr. All tell the tale of Aileen Foster, aka Tinker Bell, aka Birdie (you can add “the bitchtastic” to those if you want; she does, when she’s feeling brave), an orphan music student whose world collides with that of UK Crush, the most popular boyband in the world, in an unlikely but very romantic way, I hope.

They’re set in various locations, beginning in Japan, a country I know well (I’m half Japanese, speak the language, lived there, went to school there, all that good stuff), moving on to the UK, then New York, then back to England, with brief stops in the Bahamas and Greece, if I remember correctly.

If you’re young, or just young at heart, if you love boybands or THE boyband (you know which one lol) and are missing them because they’re “hiatus-ing”, hopefully my books will hit the spot, fill the void while they’re away becoming as famous on their own as they deserve to be.

The Home of the Romance Author Tani Hanes